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Consulting Services


Strategy Development and Business Planning

eFuel provides envisioning, scenario generation and analysis, concept development, stakeholder consultation, strategy creation, documentation and executive briefing capabilities toward the preparation of strategic plans, marketing programs or new services.


Proposal and Business Case Development

Combining well-developed skills in concept development, partnership development, written and oral communications, budgetary and project documentation, eFuel is able to rapidly develop winning expressions-of-interest, business cases, proposals and funding applications.


Requirements Development, Prototyping and Evaluation

eFuel is experienced in the capture of user and other requirements toward the successful creation of an information system, through: design and development of methodology; stakeholder consultations and interviews; requirements gathering, analysis and prioritization; recommendations, implementation plan and budget development; and, report preparation and executive briefings.


Innovation Skills Development and Innovation Instigation

We assist organizations in building a culture of innovation, such that innovation becomes an everyday activity for everyone.

Training Services and Speaking


Training Development and Delivery

eFuel develops and delivers a variety of training for innovation, project management, leadership, enterprise analysis as well as other business and technology topics. We use a variety of formats, from full courses to webinars. eFuel consultants also have experience in eLearning.


eFuel consultants are qualified, senior educators. They are also active public speakers, with certification from the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Project Management Services


Project Leadership and Management

eFuel delivers strong leadership and project management for eLearning, eHealth, ePlacement, and a range of other information and communications technology projects, including: project vision and charter generation; plan and budget development; project execution, stage-gating and tracking; stakeholder/partner management; risk management; and, documentation, resourcing, issue resolution and reporting.


Projects have often included multiple partners, as well as a mix of public or private sector stakeholders. Consultants engaged in project management hold the PMP designation from the Project Management Institute.

Research Services


Applied Research

eFuel is seasoned in: questionnaire and interview design, implementation and analytics; literature/Web research; recommendations development; as well as report preparation and executive briefings.


Assessment and Due Diligence

eFuel is experienced in conducting reviews of products, technologies and R&D programs against a variety of business, technical, usability, governance and other parameters.

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