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Research Services - Example Projects

  • Conducted research projects to understand post-secondary faculty interests, knowledge, behaviours and expectations regarding e-learning, including questionnaire design, testing, implementation, data analysis and recommendations development. Full reports and executive briefings were delivered. [Client: OPAS]

  • Prepared extensive, comparative business and technical analysis of vendor offerings, plus developed strategy and recommendations, regarding physician clinical management systems (related to Ontario primary care reform). A full report and executive briefing were delivered. [Client: Major computer systems manufacturer]

  • Performed due diligence of a Web-based, health sciences clinical placement system. This spanned meetings with the executive and operational teams, interviews with references, direct investigation of the system as well as a review of internal documents. Functionality, usability, operational, technical, financial and governance aspects were covered. A full report and executive briefing were delivered. [Client: Council of Ontario Universities, on behalf of both the Ontario university and college systems]

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